Book launched chronicling the life of the 'Guv'nor of Aylesbury' bare knuckle brawler, Stormin' Norman Buckland

The book promises to take you into a gangland world filled with unsanctioned brawls

By James Lowson
Wednesday, 22nd December 2021, 10:29 am
Updated Wednesday, 29th December 2021, 9:42 am

A new book hits stores on January 20 2022 chronicling the life of famous bare-knuckle fighter, Stormin' Norman Buckland.

Buckland who built his reputation in Bucks and beyond by dominating unsanctioned fights is often referred to as the 'Guv'nor of Aylesbury' .

Called 'The New Guv'nor' the biography promises to explore Buckland's unique life, encompassing football hooliganism, gangland England and the gypsy community.

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The Guv'nor of Aylesbury

The book has been written by Lee Wortley and Anthony Thomas, who previously collaborated to produce, Total Respect: My Life on the Doors.

That biography focused on Anthony's former life working as a bouncer and went on to be a bestseller on Amazon.

The New Guv'nor blurb gives readers a taste of what promises to be an entertaining page-turner. It says: "Picture a man, he's tall, not excessively so, yet as wide as he is high.

"This is a man spitting and growling street brawler; a tank full of ready to blow, muscle-fueled aggression. Imagine, if you will, the comic book style bulldog of Great British stamp. Well, there you have him!

Norman Buckland

"The prototypical face taken from the terraces of an '80s football fan's rolled-up newspaper cosh; a poster-boy for malevolence left over from Thatcher's post-punk Britain.

"Stormin' Norman's his name and when this storm is erupting, he's like a force-nine gale wind fused with a hurricane.

"In his heyday, Norman saw off a plethora of gangland minders and, with his own style of hands-on education, taught Glasgow's prolific hitman, Billy Mcphee, the law's of the Guvnor's land.

"He's the Godfather of Aylesbury, former British Bare-Knuckle Champion, and undefeated Roy Shaw EDF 'Guv'nor'. The loveable lunatic with the heart of a Tyrannosaurus Rex

"Yes, this my accidental friend, is the new 'Guv'nor'. He is the man who rebuked many a heathen, but was also everyone's friend, and for all the right reasons.

"So, settle in with your favourite tipple, and let us regale you with a lifetime of fronting the doors, righting wrongs, and serving at Her Majesty's pleasure, and brutal bare-knuckle tear ups."

The book's foreword is written by famous English gangster, Freddie Foreman, a man often referred to as the 'Godfather of Great British crime'.

Co-author, Lee Wortley, has released a series of crime books, having previously profiled Charles Bronson and Paula Salvador. He is a musician, turned writer from Grimsby.

Anthony Thomas is an author and historian who has released a pair of best selling books in the past.