New report throws argument for HS2 into doubt

A new House of Commons report has thrown the argument in favour of HS2 into doubt.

By Hayley OKeeffe
Friday, 21st June 2019, 2:05 pm
This newspaper is leading the HS2: Enough Is Enough campaign
This newspaper is leading the HS2: Enough Is Enough campaign

The report states that when the strategic case for HS2 was originally produced demand for the service that it would offer was growing a relatively strong pace, both at the time and in the years before.

At that time it was felt that this level of growth in demand would continue at a solid rate.

But, in the years since that strategic case was made, the report which was released yesterday, says that peak growth stalled during the 2008/09 and since then it has trended down.

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The report, which is entitled High Speed 2, The Business Case, Costs and Spending, says that in the years 2017/18 passenger numbers were in fact reducing.

The perceived capacity problems laid out in the original strategic case could also be alleviated much more cheaply according to the report.

It says that these ideas of improving the existing network and creating more capacity were discussed at the time, but the Government deemed them unacceptable because works would lead to closures on the affected lines.

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More stories on the HS2 report to follow