Back in Time: Sad demise of one of town’s grandest homes

Brook House, Aylesbury,  1966
Brook House, Aylesbury, 1966

Before the major expansion of Aylesbury in the early 20th century, the town had a small number of large private houses on the outskirts.

They had extensive gardens and views of the beautiful Vale of Aylesbury.

The building pictured here is Brook House, which was near the railway line on Oxford Road.

For most of its life it was a private house but that changed in 1947 when it became a hotel.

Sadly this venture didn’t last very long as by the time this photograph was taken in 1966 the building was empty and derelict.

At the same time work had begun on redirecting the course of Bear Brook which originally skirted round the back of the house.

Brook House was demolished and a bungalow was built on the site.

That too was demolished some years later.

Today the housing development called Drakes Place is being built there.

Brook House is seldom seen in old photographs.

It would be nice to see how it looked in its heyday.

If anyone has any photographs of it please send them in.