Which is the best indoor bike rack for storage? We review free-standing and wall-mounted options for your home

Which is the best bike rack for storage? We review indoor bike standsWhich is the best bike rack for storage? We review indoor bike stands
Which is the best bike rack for storage? We review indoor bike stands | Which is the best bike rack for storage? We review indoor bike stands

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Don’t like bikes clutter up your hallway. A great bike rack will ensure compact, easy storage

Finding a place to store your bike can be a problem when you have lots of bikes, equipment and gear associated with riding.

With modern living not always making it easy for people to have lots of spare space, clever design has enabled bike racks to fit into our furniture and into our homes, often making the bike itself a centrepiece.

In this article, we’ll look at the best bike racks for indoor storage, whether that be in the garage, the shed or in the home.

What should I look for in a bike rack?

There are many different types of racks available and they can range in price, but the good news is that largely you don’t have to spend too much money.

Simple stands are available from as little as £15, and they’re super simple and lightweight meaning you can cart them round with you if you travel with your bike or move house.

Wall-mounted options are also very popular - many of these devices add extra security that make it nearly impossible to rip the device off the wall or your bike itself.

Wall mounted racks also can be designed in a minimalist way, meaning the bike can hang off them attractively - great if you’ve got a custom-made road bike for instance that you’d like to show-off a bit.

You’ll also need to think about the amount of bikes you’re storing - there are options we’ve tested that store two, three, or even up to five bikes in a row or one on top of each other.

You can also get storage solutions that are mounted on a hinge - allowing you to push bikes out of the way if you need to get past or behind them.

Material wise - look for something sturdy like steel or wood and be sure your bike is compatible - it’s best to check this before you mount or put your rack up as some of them don’t work with certain wheel or handlebar types.

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Dayde Bike Stand

Cheap, effective and very attractive, this indoor wall-mounted rack is probably the most aesthetically-pleasing rack we’ve come across.

It holds up to 30kg of weight and is the perfect solution if you’d like to make a feature out of your bike. It’s made out of wood and brass and comes pre-assembled, so it’s easy to just put it up where you like.


This is a lockable bike hangar with security and safety the forefront of its design.

Hiplok are security experts, so it’s no surprise that this option features a hardened steel frame and a number of security fixings to ensure you can mount it to the wall of your home, shed or garage.

We especially liked this option because its security is so good it has been rated ‘Gold’ by Sold Secure - meaning most insurers recognise it as a legitimate security system.

Pro Bike Stand

Another cheap, easy and no-nonsense solution is a standard pro bike stand - familiar the world over as the style of stand many bike shops use to display their models.

Very lightweight and compact, so easy to transport if you’re moving your bike around but equally at home in the house too. A straight-forward option for preventing frame and wheel damage that can occur if you lean your bike up against walls.

Gear Up OakRak Floor to Ceiling

Granted, you have to spend a bit more for this kind of storage solution, but if you’ve got more than one bike to store, then we think this is a great option.

It looks great - it’s made from red oak and its pleasing design means it doesn’t look particularly out of place anywhere around the home.

Cleverly, the rack itself braces between your floor and your ceiling, meaning it supports your bikes well. It’s easy to construct and set up, too.

Feedback Sports Velo Wall 2D Bicycle Storage Rack

Versatility is at the heart of this option, and we liked the fact it features adjustable arms to ensure that no matter what style of bike you have, this rack will accommodate it alongside any number of different types of handlebar design.

Simple yet affordable, we thought this was easy to adapt to our needs and the rack itself can screw into any stud wall.

Decathlon 5 Bike Wall Rack

A good family option, this wall rack stores bikes very quickly and easily and comes with four pre-drilled holes so that it’s ready straight-away to attach to the wall. In total, the rack can hold up to 75kg and being a Decathlon product, it’s great value for money.

To store the bikes, simply hang them from the wheels, bearing in mind you’ll need to mount the rack high enough to ensure the largest bike has ground clearance.