The best kids’ bikes 2021: how to pick the right bicycle for any age or height, and our favourite models

Whether they’re a toddler learning to balance, a new peddler, or a pre-teen transitioning to a bike with gears, here are the best bikes for children 2021

Thursday, 27th May 2021, 2:15 pm
Whether they’re a toddler learning to balance, a new peddler, or a pre-teen transitioning to a bike with gears, here are the best bikes for children 2021

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What should you consider when buying a children’s bicycle?

Lamentably, it’s not the colour scheme or whether there are decorations on the spokes. More practically, you need to consider your child’s height, age, and ability as a cyclist.

When looking at the bikes themselves, take a note of its weight. Heavier bikes don’t handle as well. There’s a correlation between the cheapest bikes and the heaviest, making the most compelling argument for spending a little more.

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What size bike should you purchase for your child?

Don’t fall victim to the fallacy of buying a bike that’s too big for your wee one with the rationale they’ll ‘grow into’ it. An oversized bike is difficult (and dangerous) to steer and handle.

To determine the right wheel size for your child, measure their height, then choose the corresponding wheel size on the below table:

Graphic courtesy of Kim Mogg

If your child measures more than 140 cm, choose a 26-inch wheel.

1-5 years (toddler and preschoolers)

For younger children, a balance bike is a smart choice. These simple bikes allow children to ‘pedal’ the ground with their feet - the bike itself has no pedals or gears.

It allows the child to familiarise themselves with balancing while in motion and sitting in a saddle. It makes the transition to a pedal bike as they grow smoother (and may mean you can skip using stabilisers then).

We’ve listed a few reliable balance bikes below, but Halfords has an extensive range, as do Tredz.

What do I need to spend?

It is worth paying for a decent bike, as a cheap bike will make learning to cycle terribly difficult and may serve as a deterrent.

If you’re thinking “yes, but it’s only for a small period of time - I don’t want to spend too much” - you are buying a moving vehicle for your child, however slow they’ll go, it’s worth safe-guarding them by buying quality.

Consider organising a bike swap with fellow parents with differently aged/sized kids if you can, to get the best wear our of a bike.

You don’t have to spend a fortune, but a decent small bike is going to start at around £130 (for 12-inch wheels) and increase incrementally as the bike size increases. 

When you get to teenagers’ bikes, the addition of gears means the prices jump considerably - close to what you’ll pay for an adult bike. The argument can be more easily made then (depending on growth spurts) to buy an adult bike.

Are stabilisers worth it? 

Frankly - stabilisers will inhibit your child’s learning, as it takes away any impetus for them to learn to balance.

Scandiborn Little Dutch Balance Bike

Scandiborn Little Dutch Balance Bike

Best for: toddler cyclists

Gorgeous to look at, this balance bike is the perfect first bike for children 2 years and up.

The frame of this balance bike is made of steel, with a scratch-resistant coating. The handlebars are easy to adjust, the wheels puncture-proof, and there’s a sweet little bell (your child will love)

With 12” rubber tyres.

Key Specs: Wheels 12” wheels, Weight 4.5Kg, Frame, Steel

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The Micro Balance Bike Deluxe

The Micro Balance Bike Deluxe

Best for: kids who love charging around grassy parks

Simplicity itself, Micro Balance Bikes stand out for having extremely smooth wheel-action.

The 12 inch air-filled tyres have great grip - making them ideal for rougher terrain, while the handle-bars handle extremely well. The back wheel has great suspension for bumpier bits, to keep your kiddie comfy.

With an ergonomically shaped, height adjustable saddle so it can grow with your child.

Key Specs: Weight 4.1kg, Tyres: 12 inches, Frame, aluminium.

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Trunki Folding Balance Bike - Pink - 12" Wheel

Trunki Folding Balance Bike - Pink - 12" Wheel

Best for: a balance bike that’s easy to carry

Ah, this is ingenious.

This balance bike from family favourite Trunki collapses to an easy-to-carry, super light package - it even includes its own carry strap and protective bag (sort of Baby’s-First-Brompton).

You can easily fold it up and rest it on the back of a frame or over your arm when your wee one wants to walk. The handling is great and the wheels made from puncture-proof foam.

Key Specs: Weight 3.6kg, Wheel height, 12”, Frame aluminium.

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Carrera Cosmos Kids Bike - 14" Wheel

Carrera Cosmos Kids Bike - 14" Wheel - White 606153

Best for: kiddies transitioning to pedals

This lovely bike from Carrera makes the ideal transitional bike for a child moving on from a balance bike to a real bike - around 4 to 6 years old.

It’s designed with younger kids in mind, with an efficient, sturdy chain runner, Kenda tyres, and reliable alloy v-brakes.

With a great, unisex design, it’s light, easy to adjust, and simple to fit accessories to. A great bike.

Key Specs: Weight: 6.0 kg, Frame Material : lightweight aluminium, Tyres: 14”

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Best for: new peddlers who like cycling on bumpy surfaces

If your child, now relatively comfy on a bike, is likely to head over bumpy terrain, this brilliant bike from Specialized will do them proud.

The sizeable 2.8in tyre width allows both bike and rider to tackle rougher road easily, while the 7 gear options are the perfect balance for those newer to inclines.

It’s not too heavy, either, and sleek enough for city riding. Also available in a girl-friendly model.

Key specs: Weight: 12.2kg, Wheel size 12”, Number of gears:7, Frame Material: Aluminium.

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Apollo Glitz Kids Bike - 18" Wheel

Apollo Glitz Kids Bike - 18" Wheel

Best for: a pretty bike

A great bike for kids around 5-7 who adore all things sparkly.

With a girl’s saddle, this lightweight number will be beloved by any child who enjoys bling (though it performs brilliantly, too)

With a stylish rose gold frame, bright pink chain, and both front and rear V-Brakes, it handles easily and will keep your little one safe.

Key Specs: Weight 10.5kg, Tyre size: 18”, Frame, Aluminium.

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Raleigh Pop 18 2021 18 Inch Wheel Kids

Raleigh Pop 18 2021 18 Inch Wheel Kids Crossbar Bike Blue

Best for: gaining confidence as a cyclist

Lightweight and easy to handle, this is another terrific bike for children transitioning from more basic models to adult models. With an aluminium frame, and a low-bar making it easy for children to mount.

Raleigh’s internal cable routing minimises the risk of accidents, while the aluminium brake levers are designed to be easy for little fingers to operate.

With non-slip pedals and punctured protected tyres, so your child is kept as safe as possible as they ride.

Key Specs: Weight 9.9kgs, Tyres 18”, with puncture protection, Number of Gears 6, Frame Aluminium

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Hoy Bonaly 20" Superlight 2021 Kids Bike

Hoy Bonaly 20 Superlight 2021 Kids Bike

Best for: kids who like to cycle everywhere

The Hoy Bonaly is named after Olympic legend Chris Hoy’s most beloved off-road cycling spots, and is a brilliant choice for children who have gained some confidence as a rider.

It’s akin to a mountain bike, but not as complex or heavy. With short cranks and rigid forks, it’s comfortable and supportive for child riders.

Semi-treaded tyres allow for off-roading if the fancy takes them.

Great for use on rougher terrains such as grass and uneven paths - if you want to go from road to park and back again, your child with love this.

Key specs: Weight 8kg, Wheel size 20in, Number of gears 6, Frame material, Aluminium

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SCHWINN Shadow 20 Inch 2020 Kids Bike

SCHWINN Shadow 20 Inch 2020 Kids Bike

Best for: a budget buy

Schwinn are a classic name in the cycling world, and have an earned reputation as making classic bikes.

This 20” model handles very well, has back and front brakes for added safety, and is easy to use for those who aren’t the most confident cyclists.

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PINNACLE Aspen 24 Inch 2020 Kids Bike

PINNACLE Aspen 24 Inch 2020 Kids Bike

Best for: taller kids who like to ride like the wind

The Pinnacle is great for taller kids who adore cycling like the wind - it’s a light-weight little bolter.

Solidly enough built to withstand a kid’s typical slapdash approach to bike care, it’s nevertheless light enough to breeze up hillsides. All gears work perfectly and the brakes are terrifically safe.

Twin chain-ring plates avoid derailed chains and greasy hands, and rear-only gears keep the learning process simple.

In short - this is the perfect bike for a pre-teen. We love it.

Key Specs: Weight 10.1 kg, Tyres: 24”, Frame Aluminium

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