Cheap skateboards UK: stylish boards for 2021’s hottest sport from Tony Hawk, Airwalk, No Fear and Nitro

Some argued it shouldn’t be an Olympic sport - but it’s inclusion at Tokyo 2021 proved instantly popular. Here are the boards for you to start the sport of the summer
Cheap skateboards UK: stylish boards for 2021’s hottest sport from Tony Hawk, Airwalk, No Fear and NitroCheap skateboards UK: stylish boards for 2021’s hottest sport from Tony Hawk, Airwalk, No Fear and Nitro
Cheap skateboards UK: stylish boards for 2021’s hottest sport from Tony Hawk, Airwalk, No Fear and Nitro

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It’s little wonder - not only is skateboarding enduringly cool, it’s a fabulous form of exercise and a means of socialising, particularly for young people.

It can improve your balance and general fitness with skateboarding - and it’s also a great social activity which can help you meet like minded people.

Once you have invested in the board, it’s a cheap hobby that you can enjoy out and about at any time you wish.

This is our guide to eight of the best available to buy right now, from the top brands including Tony Hawk and Airwalk.

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Practice your skills with this 360 Lava Skateboard from Tony Hawk Signature Series.

Built from 100 per cent maple with grip tape to the upside of the deck, this board sits on five inch heavy-duty aluminium trucks with PUC wheels and Abec three bearings.

The board is finished with a bird and lava graphics to the deck, as well as signature Tony Hawk Signature Series branding.

This fun sized skateboard comes in three bright and colourful designs; wave, purples and jaws.

Because of it’s small size it’s great for pushing your skills as a skateboarder.

With a small deck size and and wheel base, this skateboard won’t feel like any board you’ve ridden before and is sure to improve your skating performance.

Complete with a performance grip tape and durable design to ensure that you can have fun anywhere trying to master this tricky little board.

Was £16.99, now £8.99

You’re in for a treat with this skateboard, which is perfect for making short journeys and commutes in style.

Find yourself some smooth road and a hill for good measure and your love the feeling of freedom as you carve your way to your destination.

This board is complete with a super durable plastic build and waffle grip top to ensure feet stay firmly planted.

Was £59.99, now £29.99

This skateboard features a lightweight wood construction with a grip tape deck, completed with a printed graphic to the base along with the Airwalk branding completes the look.

The slimline design help it to skate fast and it can handle most surfaces and provide a smooth feel as you skate along.

Was £64.99, now £52

Ignite your love of skating with this board, which comes fitted with sea eagle trucks, quality PU wheels with Abec 5 bearing.

The deep concave deck with full nose and tail has got everything you need to shred in style while honing your skills.

This skateboard has been designed by a team of Decathlon experts for intermediate skaters who want to change their deck.

It’s available in five sizes so you can choose the one that suits you best - partly depending on how much you want to challenge yourself.

It’s made from 100 per cent Canadian maple deck for excellent quality and long-lasting pop.

It’s wide with a slightly raised nose and tail and has a medium concave so it’s ideal for street and carving.

Available in yellow, black, red and blue with a choice of board designs too.

Designed with a striking graphic under the deck, this skateboard will bring endless joy.

Featuring a 31x8 Inch deck, 9 ply maple wood, a double kicktail, funky blue and black PVC wheels ABEC 608z bearings and a 5-inch metal truck, this skateboard gives stability and style.

It is ideal for the beginner boarder!

Featuring smooth wheels and brushings, this board is made for easy maneuvering and steering.

It offers wider shape for increased edge control and smooth wheels and bushings for a tighter turn radius.

It features high definition on trend graphics to complete this all around ride.

This high quality popsicle skateboard is made from 31 x 7.75 9 ply thin hard maple.

It has super fast REDO Abec 5 speed bearings and 5 ReDo Geo Lite trucks with hardened axle.

Was £35, now £30