You can use this postcode checker to find out what the latest lockdown rules are in your area

Do you know the latest rules in your area? (Photo: Getty Images)Do you know the latest rules in your area? (Photo: Getty Images)
Do you know the latest rules in your area? (Photo: Getty Images)

Several cities across the UK have been forced into local lockdown following a sudden spike in coronavirus cases.

Parts of England and Aberdeen in Scotland have seen tougher restrictions reimposed after an increase in infections were recorded, with the stricter rules intended to help prevent further spread outside of the area.

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But as more cities are placed under local lockdown, it can be difficult to keep track of the latest rules in your area.

What are the rules in my area?

If you have been left confused by the constant changing of rules in different parts of the country, you can now check the latest restrictions in your area using a new postcode checker.

The online tool allows users to input their postcode and the lockdown checker will generate a simple checklist of what residents within this area are currently allowed, or not allowed to do.

The information includes the latest rules on the following:

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  • If non-essential shops are open
  • If two households can meet indoors
  • If two households can meet outdoors
  • If pubs and restaurants are open
  • If gyms and fitness centres are open
  • The latest watchlist status

The handy tool is also aiming to expand its information to include the number of coronavirus cases in each area per 100,000 population, although this detail has yet to be added to the site.

To check the current rules in your local area, simply enter your postcode into the checker online.

Which areas are under local lockdown right now?

In Scotland, Aberdeen is currently the only area to be subject to local lockdown restrictions, following a recent outbreak of more than 50 coronavirus cases.

The measures have seen pubs and restaurants forced to close, a five mile travel ban imposed on residents, and people from other areas told not to travel to the city. Residents are also not allowed to socialise with other households in their homes, gardens or any other indoor venue.

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In England, a local lockdown was enforced in Leicester in mid-June, following a surge in coronavirus cases, which saw non-essential shops forced to close along with schools, except for vulnerable children and key workers.

All but essential travel to, from and within the city has also been discouraged and residents have been told to stay at home wherever possible.

Restrictions for the Borough of Oadby and Wigston were lifted on 1 August, while businesses and venues were permitted to reopen in Leicester City from 3 August. All other restrictions remain in place, with the next review to take place by 13 August.

Parts of Greater Manchester, East Lancashire and West Yorkshire have also seen restrictions reimposed, with people no longer allowed to meet with others who do not live in their household in a private home or garden, or in other indoor public venues, such as pubs, restaurants, cafes, shops and places or worship.

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Preston followed these areas and was faced with tightened lockdown restrictions from midnight on 7 August, after 47 new cases were recorded in the space of a week. The new rules have banned different households from meeting indoors.