You can now get a vegan 'pork' pie in time for Christmas - would you try it?

Morrisons won't release precise ingredients details (Photo: Morrisons)Morrisons won't release precise ingredients details (Photo: Morrisons)
Morrisons won't release precise ingredients details (Photo: Morrisons)

by Josh Barrie

Morrisons has become the first British supermarket to announce a vegan pork pie. Cue shouts of, "Well it's not a pork pie then, is it?"

The grocer described the dish as "a distant memory for vegans and vegetarians because of its combination of pork, jelly, and butter pastry".

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In lieu of traditional ingredients, Morrisons has instead combined soya and pea protein to form the plant-based version.

Vegan pork pies

Past soya and peas, Morrisons has flatly declined to release any additional information on what, exactly, has gone into its vegan pies. The supermarket said the launch has been heavily guarded and the full list of ingredients will be made available on packs when the pies hit stores.

For now, then, we can only speculate that the company's food development team has attempted to replicate the salty, generous flavour of densely pressed pork with various herbs and spices.

The pies will be sold at meat counters (Photo: Morrisons)

The jelly, meanwhile, is plant-based, but beyond that, we've no idea. The pastry is probably not dissimilar to that used in Morrisons' vegan 'Corn-ish pasties', where vegetable oil takes the place of butter.

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"It replicates the pork pie through its meaty taste, crumbly pastry texture, and classic appearance," Morrisons said.

Morrisons will launch its new pies "just in time for Christmas" on 9 December, and apparently the recipe is known by just six people, hence all the secrecy.

Secret recipe

The pies will be baked in store at Morrisons' pie shop counters and will sell for £1.75, or two for £3.

They follow last week's mince pie and Wensleydale Christmas sandwich, again a product of Morrisons' inventive food development team.

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