Wetherspoons has announced 9 rules customers must follow from 4 July

Will you be going to the pub? (Photo: Shuterstock)Will you be going to the pub? (Photo: Shuterstock)
Will you be going to the pub? (Photo: Shuterstock)

Pubs will reopen in England on Saturday 4 July as new lockdown rules come into force.

Pubs and bars will be allowed to open for limited table service after more than three months of lockdown, but a strict set of rules will be in place.

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What rules will Wetherspoons enforce?

JD Wetherspoon will reopen 875 of its branches across England on 4 July, with pub goers required to follow a number of new safety measures during their visit.

Pubs will open from 8am, with breakfast to be served until 11.30am, followed by the main menu thereafter.

The menu has been slightly reduced to minimise the amount of food produced from more than one kitchen workstation, and a reduced range of condiments will be provided in sachets.

The pub chain has invested £11 million into making sure both staff and customers are kept safe when branches reopen, and has warned that during the first few weeks, some pubs may close earlier than normal.

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Here are nine rules that pub goers will have to follow at every Wetherspoons pub from 4 July.

Queues to enter

Where possible, outdoor areas will be marked for customers to queue to enter pubs, and only one entry point will be used, with a separate exit point.

Entrance doors will also be pinned open to increase air flow and reduce hand contact points.

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The number of people allowed in at one time will be limited, so customers will have to wait outside until a table becomes free.

Signage will be installed inside pubs, offering guidance and direction for customers when they enter.

Hand sanitiser on entry

A hand sanitiser station will be placed at the entrance, with customers asked to clean their hands before they go inside.

There will be an average of 10 hand sanitiser stations at most pubs for customers to use, positioned at the entrance, bar, outside toilets and other locations.

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Small groups only

JD Wetherspoon is discouraging people to visit in large groups, or to congregate in the pub after arrival.

Customers will be asked to disperse around the pub, if capacity allows, or leave the premises.

Order and pay via the app

Customers are encouraged to order using the Wetherspoon app, where possible, directly from their table.

Where customers are unable to order from their table, such as they don’t have a smartphone, they will instead be allowed to order from one of the designated till points at the bar. However, customers may not remain at the bar and will be asked to return to their table once they have ordered and paid.

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As well as ordering via the Wetherspoons app, customers will also be encouraged to pay via the app before their order is processed at the bar. For customers who need to pay at the bar, contactless payments are encouraged, although cash will be accepted at a reduced number of tills.

Wetherspoons gift cards and CAMRA vouchers will still be accepted, even if they expired during the lockdown period.

Current Wetherspoon gift cards will be valid for an additional six months after their original expiry date, and CAMRA vouchers with validity dates during 1 April to 30 June 2020 will be valid until the end of November.

Dispose of menus

If customers are not ordering via the app and would instead prefer to look at a physical menu, a disposable one will be provided.

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These menus will be single-use only, likely to be made from paper, and will be recycled after.

No smoking near entrances and exits

Customers won’t be allowed to pop outside for a cigarette during their visit, as staff need to keep pathways and exits clear for others waiting to enter.

Instead, customers will need to either step away from pub doorways for a smoke, or go to the designated smoking area in the pub garden, if there is one.

Signs reminding customers to observe social distancing will be in place in the smoking area.

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Tables can’t be moved

Pub goers have been asked not to move any of the tables inside, as they have been arranged to adhere to the government’s Covid-19 secure guidelines.

Tables will be placed at least one metre apart to help reduce the risk of transmission and will feature signs to remind customers to leave them where they are.

Children must be kept seated

Children will still be allowed into Wetherspoons pubs, but parents must ensure they remain in their seat at the table.

Parents will also need to accompany their children to the toilets.

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Contact details to be provided

Customers will be asked to provide their contact details every time they visit a Wetherspoons pub from 4 July.

This is part of the NHS Test and Trace initiative to ensure people can be contacted in the event someone is diagnosed with coronavirus.

Details will be stored confidentially by the pub team and forms will be securely destroyed after 21 days.