This new Baby Shark song teaches kids how to wash their hands

Much to the joy of children around the globe (and to the dismay of some parents) educational entertainment company, Pinkfong, has released another version of the hugely popular Baby Shark video - and its comeback is all for a good cause.

Reiterating the official advice of the World Health Organisation (WHO) - in much more memorable terms - the video, titled Wash Your Hands With Baby Shark, is a reworking of the original Baby Shark video, this time working as a catchy public safety announcement.

Including such lyrics such as “grab some soap” and the titular “wash your hands”, it aims to teach kids proper hygiene during the global pandemic.


The original Baby Shark song went viral in 2016 and amassed nearly five billion views on YouTube. So great was its global success, it soon became known among parents and even non-parents alike, for its catchiness and unwavering ability to get stuck in your head.

The South Korean educational brand’s new topical version of the song has also started a dance challenge using the hashtag #BabySharkHandWashChallenge, encouraging children and parents to upload their own videos, showing themselves washing their hands along to the song.

The song not only details how to properly wash your hands but it also repeats official advice to cover your sneezes and cough, or to aim these into your elbow if a tissue is not available.

However, the song fails to mention that in order to make the hand washing effective, 40 to 60 seconds of hand washing is required.