This is when travel restrictions to Morocco are expected to be lifted

Masked women walk throguh Marrakesh's Jamaa el-Fna square (Getty Images)Masked women walk throguh Marrakesh's Jamaa el-Fna square (Getty Images)
Masked women walk throguh Marrakesh's Jamaa el-Fna square (Getty Images)

Morocco is one of dozens of countries which do not feature on a list of travel destinations that people based in England can travel to without requiring to quarantine on their return. 

Despite the country’s strong response to the Covid-19 pandemic – 239 deaths and 14,565 deaths have been recorded – the popular holiday spot does not feature on the initial group of nations released by the Westminster government last week. 

The North African country is one of several long-haul destinations expected to feature on any extension of the current list.

Can I travel to Morocco? 

The country’s state of emergency, which restricts travel, is set to come to an end on July 10. 

According to WTX News Morocco will lift measures restricting international travel beyond this date.

Travel to the country has been restricted since March 19. 

What are the current social distancing rules in Morocco? 

Wearing a face mask in public spaces is compulsory.

Currently the Moroccan government categorises provinces in Morocco into two zones (1 and 2) according to the pandemic situation in each province/prefecture.

Both zones have their own rules, which the FCO lists as follows: 

Zone 1

- Freedom of movement between regions in Zone 1 (ID is required)

- Beaches open provided that social distancing measures are respected (1 metre)

- outdoor sports grounds, public parks and public spaces open

- Opening of domestic tourist establishments e.g. hotels (50% capacity)

Zone 2

- Travel/movement within the province or the prefecture without the need for a movement authorisation form

- Requirement of a movement authorisation form from the local authorities in order to leave your province or prefecture

- Reopening of outdoor parks and public spaces

- Individual outdoor sports (such as walking, running, cycling) permitted

National measures applicable to both zones are also in place.


- Cafes and restaurants permitted to serve on site, as long as they do not exceed 50% capacity

- Resumption of commercial activities in shopping centres, and malls

- Resumption of public transport between cities (road and rail)

- Resumption of domestic flights

- Opening of gyms, hammams, hair and beauty salons (50% capacity)

- Ending of requirement for all commercial activities to finish at 8pm

Will I need to quarantine?

Visitors returning from Morocco are currently required to quarantine

A two-week quarantine period for anyone arriving back in the UK – including UK nationals – has been in place since 8 June.

But people arriving in England from more than 50 countries including France, Spain, Germany and Italy will no longer need to quarantine from 10 July, the Department for Transport has confirmed.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will set their own rules on travel quarantines.

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