These are the 2020 February half term school holiday dates from around the UK

It might feel as if the kids only just went back to school after the Christmas holidays, but already the half-term break is upon us.

That means the little blighters get a week off, and with February weather often on the colder and wetter end of the spectrum, will no doubt be kept indoors by the elements.

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But when do they break up for half-term, and when do they go back to school at the end of it all?

Here's everything you need to know:

When do the schools break up?

Officially, the first "half" of the current spring term runs from Friday 3 January until Friday 14 February.

Dates will vary depending on towns and regions, so it's worth checking on your council's website to see the exact dates for your child's school.

Similarly, academies, free schools, foundation schools and voluntary-aided schools get to set their own term calendars, which can differ from the ones set by local authorities.

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You’ll also need to contact them directly to find out what their holiday dates are.

When are the next school holidays?

The half term holidays for the spring term 2020 will run from Monday 17 February to Friday 21 February.

The next end of term holidays will be the Easter holidays, which this year fall between Monday 6 April and Friday 17 April.

The key dates for the remainder of the 2019/20 school year are as follows:

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February half term 2020: Monday 17 February - Friday 21 February

Spring term 2020: Monday 24 February - Friday 3 April

Easter holidays 2020: Monday 6 April - Friday 17 April

Summer term 2020: Monday 20 April - Friday 22 May

May half term 2020: Monday 25 May - Friday 29 May

Summer term 2020: Monday 1 June - Friday 17 July

Summer holidays 2020: Monday 20 July - Tuesday 1 September

Again, these dates can vary depending on towns and regions, so it's worth checking with your council's website to see if there are any discrepancies.

It's now also common practice for schools to have a fully functioning website, where most will post their term dates.

But if you're still struggling to find dates for your child's school, local councils will also usually provide the details.

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It's also worth making a note of bank holidays, as these can fall outside of standard school holidays, giving kids an extra day off.

Will there be any snow days?

As kids head back to school among the freezing temperatures of February, many kids will be hoping class might be called off in the aftermath of a blanket of snow.

According to the Met Office, snow is unlikely during the first week back at school in 2020, but possible.

Although confidence in the Office's long-range forecast remains "low" (i.e. it's too far out to say with any certainty what might happen), "continued unsettled weather is expected" from 17 February onward, "with spells of rain and strong winds broken by brighter but showery conditions."

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"The heavier rain and stronger winds are expected in the northwest with the drier conditions expected towards the south. Perhaps becoming more generally settled toward the end of February.

"Temperatures are expected to stay unseasonably mild, with any dry and cold interludes fairly brief."

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