The full list of PlayStation Plus free games in February 2020, including The Sims 4 and BioShock: The Collection

Sony have announced the free games that are coming for PlayStation Plus subscribers in February, and as usual it's an eclectic mix of big-budget games and quirky titles.

Three games will be made available from 4 February for Sony consoles - two for the PlayStation 4, and one for PSVR.

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You'll need a PlayStation Plus subscription to get access to the games, but once you've paid your fees, these titles can be yours for no extra cost.

And considering that one of this month's "games" actually included three separate titles, you're really getting five games this month.

Here are the games available to players this month - PlayStation claims the offerings are worth £104.97, based on the combined values of the games on PlayStation Store.

BioShock: The Collection

This collection includes all three games from the hugely influential BioShock series, one of the best series of first-person shooters to ever be released.

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BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite are all included (the first two remastered for current generation consoles), and the pack even comes with all the single-player modes and add-on content from those games.

Fusing genuinely brilliant world-building design with environmental storytelling and a rich lore, the BioShock games are far beyond typical, ultra violent shooters.

Experience the award-winning BioShock series’ haunting storytelling, iconic enemies and inventive weapons as you return to the beautifully remastered cities of Rapture and Columbia.

The Sims 4

The latest in the long line of life-building simulators gives you all the tools to create your ideal cast of characters, and then guide them through the sort of lifestyle you could only dream of.

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Or, if you're more a malevolent kind of player, you could subject them to a life of abject terror. It's your call.

Customise your Sims’ appearances, personalities and aspirations as you explore unique neighbourhoods, develop their friendships and pursue a range of careers.

Unleash your imagination on a vibrant world as you build your dream home, carefully tailoring each room to your tastes.

Firewall Zero Hour

This month's bonus game is for PSVR players, and puts an emphasis on teamwork as your choose from 12 mercenaries to form an elite squad to tackle intense tactical firefights.

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Familiarise yourself with an arsenal of upgradeable weapons and put your combat skills to the test as you try to take down the enemy team in this action-packed PS VR multiplayer shooter.

When is the PS5 out?

February's PlayStation Plus games are undeniably exciting, but many players will be waiting to get their hands on the new PlayStation 5 console at the end of the year.

As more powerful hardware is developed, the console will be able to play games that look even more visually pleasing than the current crop.

That also means a machine that can easily play games at 4K resolution - the next step up from 'high definition' - and at the fabled 60 frames per second, which gives a much smoother playing experience.

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It's not just the console that's getting a technical upgrade, the PS5's controllers will also be seeing a wealth of new features.

Rather than just vibrating at different intensities to simulate in-game impacts, haptic feedback now allows developers to programme distinct, tactile feelings into their games.

Sony have confirmed that the PS5 will release late this year: "Holiday 2020".

That puts its release window in the same time frame as Microsoft's Xbox Series X, so it will certainly be an exciting time for gamers.

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