Pringles is launching a new flavour to celebrate this summer's Olympics

Curious about what a popular Japanese curry would taste like in snack form?

You no longer need to be, since Pringles has launched a new flavour as part of its Rice Fusions range - Japanese katsu curry.

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This new product joins the Pringles Rice Fusion family, alongside Japanese BBQ Teriyaki, Indian Tandoori Chicken Masala and Peking Duck with Hoisin Sauce.

Where can I buy the new Pringles?

With Japan hosting the Olympics in Tokyo this summer, this new flavour aims to bring a taste from the East to the UK.

(Photo: Taylor Herring PR)

You can buy the Japanese flavoured savoury snack for £1.99 per 160g can in all major supermarkets.

A Pringles spokesperson said, “We know Katsu Curry is a favourite amongst many and so to be able to grab the delicious taste in your favourite snack is quite a treat.”

“We’re excited to be bringing a taste of Japan straight to the UK with this delicious new addition to the Rice Fusions range.”

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