Orange Smarties are back - but for a limited time only

Great news for chocoholics: Nestlé has brought back Orange-only tubes of Smarties after selling out across the country last year.

Tubes and sharing bags of the Orange Smarties will be available to buy in Asda stores '“ but only a limited number of tubes and bags will be for sale.

After launching limited edition Giant Tubes of Orange Smarties last year, the orangey chocolates became so popular than Nestlé said they have become their "number one consumer request".

Alex Gonnella, Marketing Director for Nestlé's UK confectionery business at Nestlé explains they had no choice but to bring Orange Smarties back this spring.

Gonella said: 'Orange Smarties are so popular that we simply had to bring them back this season.

'People love their distinctive flavour and they are our number one consumer request. The giant tubes launched last autumn were sold out in some stores within a few weeks from the launch and we have been inundated with requests from people all over the country asking us whether they could still get hold of some.'

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Gonnella added: 'Orange Smarties are slightly more difficult to manufacture in high volume, given the different process and recipe required to get that orange-y taste but our experts have been hard at work to make it happen and we are really pleased that we can offer them again this spring.'

This isn't the first time Orange Smarties have been for sale though.

Last October Nestlé sold giant Orange Smarties tubes which turned out to be an overwhelming success and completely sold out.

Nestlé also launched an Orange Smarties Easter Egg and Mini Eggs earlier this year.