MasterChef hosts reveal ‘exciting’ change to the show’s 18-year format

MasterChef stars Gregg Wallace and John Torode have announced the food competition will change from next week.

The judges, who have been on the show for 18 years, will start tasting contestants' food hot, instead of room temperature.

It is a major change to the BBC One show, but both are excited for it to start.

What did the MasterChef hosts say?

TV chef and presenter John, 56, told The Sun: "It's a revelation! We're always eating food which is room temperature.

"Nice, hot food is great. It makes a big difference."

“It’s a far more exciting way to start the competition. It gives everybody a chance to settle in a bit, it gives everybody a chance to cook something they really love to cook."

How will MasterChef change?

Some new changes will be introduced to MasterChef as bosses announce a new segment of the cookery show.

John said: "It's called the Audition Round and they come in and cook their signature dish for Gregg and I. We don't see them cook and all we do is get to taste their food. It's as if we were going to a restaurant."

All the judges would do is "just sit down, eat the food and then judge it on that, and that's what we've done".

On how it differs from the usual style, he said it's "far more exciting" and "gives everybody a chance to settle in a bit".

The pair also revealed that the show "is not scripted at all" and that there is always something going on, which as a result means the series "stays fresh".

But John joked about describing food after 18 years: "One of the things that you can't really change very much is trying to find an adjective to describe food.

"We try as hard as we can to be as fresh, as in how we explain things."

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