LNER breaking the bias preventing career progression for women

London Northern Eastern Railway (LNER) is celebrating International Women's Day by working to develop women's careers. This will be done by looking at research on bias to find solutions to overcoming the issues.

The research conducted by YouGov found 75% of women have been mistaken for a junior role at work and believed their gender had a part to play in this error.

In addition, three out of five women have been overlooked for promotion in the past year said it was partially due to their gender.

Kate Mcferran, Director of Communications at LNER said: "Our research shows there is still a great deal of progress to be made. In particular, attitudes based on gender roles in the workplace, and in some sectors more than others."

"Our ambition is to help women realise the benefits of a career in the rail industry. This offers a world of challenges and opportunities for people across all roles and experience levels."

LNER is proud to champion equal career development opportunities for all. Many colleagues have tenure of more than 20 years of multiple, progressive roles.

Claire Ansley, People and Customer Experience Director at LNER said: "International Women's Day continues to be a focal point. We are celebrating this day by highlighting how women can move their careers forward in the railway sector."

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