Jack Link's giveaway super 'snackadiums' to help Brits power through Big Game Sunday

Big Game Sunday (13th February) has become one of the biggest sporting occasions across the globe, with many making their way to the pub or hosting viewing parties with mates to view the live action.  

According to new research, Brits are most likely to watch big sporting matches to munch on their favourite snacks (50 per cent), spend time with friends and family (33 per cent) and to enjoy the atmosphere in the pub or home (26 per cent).

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However, new research has revealed that Brits can consume up to a staggering 10,000 calories on Big Sunday.

In fact, a survey of 2,000 respondents discovered that crisps (55 per cent), chocolate bars (27 per cent), pizza (23 per cent) and cheesy nachos (17 per cent), were the top snacks munched on by Brits throughout the day.

These typical sporting snacks are high in saturated fat and sugar. This leads to many viewers dozing off. Also, many fail to make it through the late-night hours of sport.

And when watching sporting matches, over 70 per cent tend to reach for unhealthy food, leaving many feeling excessively full (24 per cent) and guilty (23 per cent).

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The results also revealed that 46 per cent would actually prefer to have better-for-you snacks available that fueled them for longer, rather than compromising on dissatisfying grub. 

Why not try a 'snackadium' on Big Game Sunday?Why not try a 'snackadium' on Big Game Sunday?
Why not try a 'snackadium' on Big Game Sunday?

To encourage Brits to have a delicious and balanced feast this year, the UK’s number one Jerky brand, Jack Link’s, is offering FREE super ‘Snackadiums’. These will be loaded full of tasty, low-calorie, 100% beef snacks to help fuel them through a long night of sport.

Jack Link’s Snackadiums are entirely customisable. In addition, there is plenty of room to include your own Big Game Sunday snacks and recipe creations.

Available on a first come-first serve basis with limited stock, Brits can be in with a chance of winning a limited-edition ‘Snackadium’ of their own to impress their guests.

All they need to do is direct message the @Jacklinksuk Instagram page, describing their biggest sporting achievement, to receive a limited-edition Snackadium over the weekend. 

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