Inflatable furniture, furry photo frames and animal hide rugs have been named the worst home décor fails of the last 50 years

With 1990s interiors fan favourite Changing Rooms re-booted and back on screens, Checkatrade is shining a light on some of the most questionable interior décor trends of the last 50 years revealing which should firmly be left in the past. 

Polling 2,000 UK adults, the study uncovered inflatable furniture (23%), furry photo frames (22%) and animal hide rugs (20%) as the worst interior faux pas of the last half century. Meanwhile, bright purple walls as seen in Monica’s and Rachel’s apartment in Friends were also frowned upon by 16% of people. 

And whilst there have been many questionable interiors trends over the years, 24% unashamedly admitted to having flowery wallpaper in their homes, along with lava lamps (24%) and patterned sofas (19%). 

Additionally, it’s not just Friends’ Joey and Chandler who have a love for lazy boy style reclining armchairs, so do one in ten of people who think the furniture should return to popularity in British homes today. Whilst a further 10% want the lava lamp to see a resurgence as it did in the 1980s and 1990s. 

The return of ‘90s décor trends 

With many homeowners looking back on their childhood and family life with rose-tinted nostalgia, it also sees the return of ‘90s interior trends.  From parquet flooring through to wicker and rattan furniture, over a quarter (26%) believe that social media has reintroduced old trends to new generations with 25% also admitting that design trends seem to be a copy of eras past rather than something new. Additionally, 23% believe that because 90s fashion is back, so too are design trends of the same decade whilst 22% simply feel we’ve run out of ideas. 

’Whilst interior trends come and go, our research has found almost a fifth of people (18%) will redecorate their homes once every two to three years just to keep up to date with the latest trends,’’ said Mike Fairman, CEO of Checkatrade. ‘’With shows like Changing Rooms back on air, it may encourage homeowners to give their home a new lease of life, and through Checkatrade you’ll be sure to find inspiration as well as recommendations you can rely on, the next time you need a tradesperson.’’ 

Popular 90s homes re-imagined 

With so many popular programmes and films coming out of the ‘90s, just how influential were they to our home décor? In fact, despite the amount of damage Kevin McCallister caused on his family home during Home Alone, 17% wish to live in the grand McCallister house most, followed by the Banks family mansion seen in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (16%) and Monica and Rachel’s homely apartment in Friends (15%) 

So, what would some of the nation’s favourite 90s sitcom rooms look like today? Checkatrade have given some a modern-day make over including: 

The living room in Monica & Rachel’s Apartment, Friends 

The popular purple walls of the ‘90s comedy have been given a modern lick of colour with the patterned sofas gone and replaced with neutral colouring. The patterned curtains and lamp shades have also been updated with modern shutters and a director’s lampWhilst the iconic artwork remains above the TV, there is a flat screen TV to reflect modern times along with more greenery in keeping with today’s popularity of indoor plants. 

The living room in the Banks family home, Fresh Prince of Bel Air 

From Carlton infamously dancing to Tom’s Jones’ ‘It’s Not Unusual’ through to Jeffrey ‘winning’ the lottery, the Banks living room has seen many a moment in the popular series. The 90s living room has a bright and open feel, with a curved staircase in the background and chic 90s furniture. Today, the living room’s neutral palette has been refreshed to a bolder yet opulent colour, with velvet sofa, drinks cabinet and a more modern staircase. 

Edina’s basement kitchen, Absolutely Fabulous 

Arguably one of the most famous kitchens on British TV, this reimagining is based on Eddie’s original kitchen as seen in the earlier seasons of the comedy. Known for its wooden cabinetry, the kitchen has been replaced to reflect a shaker style complete with marble bench tops. Updated lighting above the island has also been included along with a wine fridge filled with Bollinger ready for Eddie’s and Patsy’s next escapade. 

To read more about the nation’s interior design trends preferences, visit the Checkatrade blogWorst Home Décor Fails of the Last 50 Years | Checkatrade