How much it would actually cost to go to Hogwarts

Students could go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for as little as £1,130, according to a new study.

It may be affordable to study at Hogwarts (photo: istock)It may be affordable to study at Hogwarts (photo: istock)
It may be affordable to study at Hogwarts (photo: istock)

One of Europe’s leading price comparison sites, has magically got its hands on the famous Hogwarts shopping list, to give ambitious witches and wizards the true cost of going to a school like Hogwarts itself – don’t worry it’s been converted from magic money to the English pound, so every student can jump on the Hogwarts express and start their adventure.

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After J.K Rowling confirmed that £5 is approximately one Galleon in Harry Potter currency, idealo found that it would be a lot cheaper going to Hogwarts than attending a Muggle university, which currently costs on average £9,250 per year just for tuition fees.

Hogwarts has a very specific shopping list as to what they require in your first year of studies, these costs at first could come as a surprise to a Muggle, but are supported by the Ministry of Magic who pays for all tuition fees. The full list of items can be found below;


ItemIn GalleonsIn Pounds
Clothes / Uniform128£640
Brass Scales3£15
Owl / Cat / Toad15£75

Clothes and uniforms include three sets of plain work robes, a pointed hat, gloves and a cloak. All of which can be bought for 128 Galleons (£640). There is a wide variation of books on the list, including ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’ and ‘A History Of Magic,’ in total, each student is expected to buy eight for certain classes, which works out on average 13 Galleons (£65), depending on whether they are bought new or second hand – which obviously keeps costs down if you have seven children like the Weasleys.

Costs do start to increase as the years go by at Hogwarts. New additions such as broomsticks can range from 200 Galleons (£1,000) to 1000 Galleons (£5,000) depending on whether a Nimbus 2,000 or a Firebolt is purchased.

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Plus, special dress robes are needed for the Yule Tide Ball which would cost around 17 Galleons (£85). Book upgrades such as Gilderoy Lockhart’s Collection would also be required (7 Galleons or £35), however they could be hunted down in the library.

Katy Phillips, brand and communications manager at idealo commented: “We hope our analysis shows that with luck and magic, children can strive to go to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. After all, it’s certainly cheaper than going to university in the UK!

“Even in the wizarding world it’s important to find a bargain where possible, so if you can buy pre-loved clothes, rent books from the library or have a toad as a pet, you’ll save a fair few Galleons!”

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