Here's what time today Mark Drakeford will give update on Covid rules in Wales - and how to watch

Wednesday, 14th July 2021, 12:02 pm
Mark Drakeford is set to give an update on lockdown restrictions in Wales - and how and when they may be further lifted (Photo: Polly Thomas/Getty Images)

Mark Drakeford is set to give an update on lockdown restrictions in Wales - and how and when they may be further lifted.

But when will he be announcing changes and what could he say?

Here’s what you need to know.

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When is Mark Drakeford announcing changes to Wales lockdown restrictions?

Wales’ First Minister Mark Drakeford is set to announce changes to the lockdown restrictions in Wales on Wednesday 14 July.

He will announce the results of the cabinet's review to the Senedd at 3pm followed by a press conference at 5.15pm.

You will be able to watch the press conference live on the Welsh Government Twitter page.

What could Mark Drakeford say?

The First Minister is expected to confirm that Wales will move from alert level two to alert level one, after delaying the decision by four weeks at the last review.

The announcement could also include a relaxation on how many people are allowed to meet in private homes.

Currently, people in Wales can only meet in groups of six in indoor venues such as pubs, restaurants and bars.

You are not allowed anyone in your home outside a three-household bubble and you can only meet in groups of 30 outdoors.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon have both already said restrictions will be eased in England and Scotland respectively.

England is planning to lift nearly all Covid restrictions on Monday 19 July, while Scotland is planning a more limited lifting of restrictions on 19 July, with a move out of nearly all rules on 9 August.

The First Minister told Senedd members on Tuesday (13 July) that he hoped he would be able to announce the easing of Covid restrictions, but added: "What it will not be will be a wholesale abandonment of the collective actions that we have taken during the pandemic and that continue to keep Wales safe in the face of a third wave of coronavirus, which is already testing our health service.”

He said that 760 people fell ill with Covid in Wales on Monday (12 July).

There is also talk of creating a new alert level zero for later in the summer which will see most restrictions gone.

The First Minister will publish an updated coronavirus control plan on Wednesday, which is expected to include the future Alert Level 0.

The earliest this could come into place is at the next lockdown review on 9 August.

Wales has already signalled that it will follow a different route to England by making face masks mandatory on public transport and healthcare settings.

However, ministers have not yet decided if they will remain legally required in shops.