Here’s the UK weather forecast over the next 48 hours as strong gales set to hit

Strong winds are set to hit the UK over the next 48 hours (Photo: Shutterstock)Strong winds are set to hit the UK over the next 48 hours (Photo: Shutterstock)
Strong winds are set to hit the UK over the next 48 hours (Photo: Shutterstock)

Strong winds are set to hit the UK over the next 48 hours, with a Met Office yellow warning for wind in place across many parts.

The Met Office forecast said Wednesday (10 March) will see sunny intervals and heavy showers in the north at first, with it being cloudy and windy with outbreaks of rain, turning heavy at times, elsewhere.

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“Gales for many coastal areas though a period of lighter winds for northern areas during the day,” the Met Office said.

Wednesday evening will see wet and windy conditions continue, but this will turn more showery with drier periods developing.

There will also be “very strong winds later for England and Wales with inland gales.” However, it will be mild for most areas.

Thursday (11 March) is forecast to be showery and windy, with a “very windy to start in eastern England with some more widespread rain over northern England at first.”

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A Met Office yellow warning for wind is in place across all of England and Wales from 9pm on Wednesday evening to 3pm on Thursday.

The Met Office weather warning said: “Strong winds accompanied by heavy and blustery showers may bring some disruption to England and Wales.”

Gusts of 50-55 mph are possible inland and gusts may reach 60-70 mph on coasts and hills, especially in the west.

What will the weather be like this weekend and next week?

The Met Office UK outlook for Friday (12 March) to Sunday (14 March) forecasts “Sunny spells and blustery showers. The showers heaviest and most frequent in the west with hail, thunder and perhaps snow over high ground. Showers easing on Sunday. Windy.”

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Next week, southern areas are likely to see settled conditions, with a good amount of dry weather, but some rain remains possible at times.

However, there is more uncertainty across northern areas, “where spells of rain and stronger winds are more likely at times, though still with some reasonable drier interludes.”

Some morning fog patches are also likely to develop, with these more likely in the south west of the UK.

“There is much uncertainty in temperatures for this period, but likely to see above average temperatures for a time,” said the Met Office.

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