Here's how to watch the Samsung Unpacked event from the UK - and everything about Samsung's new phones

An advert at the Oscars teased us. The engineering around it entices us. But soon it's going to be revealed to all - Samsung's long awaited folding phone.

This model is not some throwback to the 2000s though. Suspected to be called the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, this clamshell phone will be the first on the market to successfully manage folding the screen.

Samsung is set will launch its new line of products tonight at their annual Unpacked event - but what has the Korean smart phone company got in store for 2020?

The Galaxy Fold to become Galaxy Flip

Samsung's first attempt at folding their Galaxy range of smartphones last year was met criticism after many users complained that the phone broke too easily.

Reviewers from tech site the Verge, as well as journalists from CNBC and Bloomberg all reported issues only a day after use. Then called the Galaxy Fold, it may be time for Samsung to rebrand the device with many thinking the name will be Galaxy Z Flip.

The new model, as demonstrated in an advert played during the Oscars last weekend, shows how the device has one larger foldable screen with another screen accessible on the top. The only other competitor so far is the Motorola Razr, which has a drastically different style and feel, and the Huawei Mate X, only available in China.

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Samsung's Galaxy Fold's screen is already breaking

The teaser advert over the weekend showed the phone in both purple and black, with a dual rear camera and a single camera on the front. A second screen is also used to access alerts and basic functions such as taking or rejecting calls when the phone is closed.

Other than that, very little information has been revealed.

No one knows for sure how much the Galaxy Z Flip will cost, but it is suspected it will be cheaper than the Galaxy Fold which came in at around £1,800. Regardless, you can expect this revolutionary technology is going to be pricey.

Three New Galaxy models

The Samsung Galaxy range is its flagship brand. First arriving in 2010 with the Galaxy S, we are hoping to see the launch of the decennial model, The Samsung Galaxy S20.

No, you haven't missed ten phones. The last model was the S10, but Samsung must think that S20 sounds better than S11 - potentially keeping it up to speed with the year.

Regardless, the S20 will be launched in three different models, Galaxy S20, a larger Galaxy S20+ with a 6.7 inch screen, and an S20 Ultra with a powerful processor and 6.9 inch display.

The S20 boasts an incredible telephoto lens, ultra wide, and macro lens as part of its four-lens rear camera set up. The standard lens will be a 12 mega pixel, but the Ultra will have a 108MP sensor for even clearer and enlargeable photographs.

All devices are reported to be compatible with the incoming 5G network, allowing access to ultrafast download speeds and up to 256GB of storage.

Unpacked Tonight

A lot more questions will be answered and many more to ask after the launch tonight at 7pm GMT. The Unpacked event is taking place in San Francisco and you can live stream the event here.

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