Here’s how to claim free lunchtime bakes from Greggs this month

Are you one of the lucky ones? (Photo: Shutterstock)Are you one of the lucky ones? (Photo: Shutterstock)
Are you one of the lucky ones? (Photo: Shutterstock)

Greggs is a British bakery institution, and with 1,650 shops across the UK, its products have become lunchtime staples for many.

Greggs is now offering free lunchtime bakes this month - this is what you need to know about how to claim one.

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What’s on offer

Up for grabs is either a spicy chicken and pepperoni bake, or a cheese and onion bake for vegetarians.

Unfortunately the famous Greggs vegan sausage roll isn’t included in the offer, so vegan Greggs lovers will miss out on this offer.

How to claim

Here’s the catch though - only 200,000 people across the UK will be able to claim the deal.

Those lucky 200,000 customers will be chosen by random, and you need to be using the Greggs Rewards App in order to be eligible.

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You can see if you’ve been chosen by heading to your app and looking at the rewards tab.

If you are one of those lucky people, all you need to do to claim the reward is head to a Greggs and, when you’ve asked for your spicy chicken and pepperoni bake or cheese and onion bake, just say that you’re redeeming an offer from the app.

The Greggs staff member will then scan a QR code on your phone and you’ll get your lunchtime treat for free.

For those just learning about the app now, you’ll be able to claim a free hot drink from Greggs as a welcome reward.

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Terms and conditions

These are some terms and conditions in place for those looking to redeem the offer:

The reward must be redeemed by 31 October 2019, otherwise it will expireThe reward is only for a spicy chicken and pepperoni bake or a cheese and onion bakeYou cannot use the offer in addition to another offer

This article originally appeared on our sister site Edinburgh Evening News