Healthy outlook for couples trying for a baby

The number of people trying for a baby in lockdown has been 40 percent higher than during the same time frame in 2019.

With this in mind, nutrition expert Camelia Dickson has put this advice together for couples who want to be parents...

When aiming to conceive, a healthy body and mind can create a far more positive environment and condition for conception to occur as well as a successful pregnancy and fourth trimester!

Timing is important

Healthcare professionals often refer to the ‘Fertile Window’ to describe the time when conception is likely to occur. This varies from person to person. Frequent sex can increase your chances, aiming for once every few days.


There are various supplements that can support your chances of getting pregnant. Focus on micronutrients that support detoxification processes, hormonal regulation and a balanced nervous system.

Folic acid is one of the most important supplements to be taking if you are trying for a baby. Whilst it does not increase your chances of getting pregnant, many healthcare practitioners recommend that you start taking folic acid before you start trying as it can help provide protection for your future baby against spinal tube defects.

Insufficient B12 levels have been linked to compromised semen quality in men and ovulatory disturbance in women. It plays a fundamental role in foetal development particularly nervous system (and brain) development as well as growth.

Magnesium is involved in more than 300 processes in the body and is a good supplement to support a healthy nervous system.

Stress management

Checking in with yourself is incredibly important in every phase of life, be this taking a couple of days off, meditating or sitting down to work out any lifestyle barriers that may be causing you stress.

Check your weight

Being under as well as over-weight can be detrimental to fertility. Eat three balanced meals a day and keep hydrated.

Camelia Dickson is an advisor to the vitamin company

(photo: Shutterstock)