Get paid to visit the best in garden centres in the UK - how to apply for the £50 per hour job

An online gardening platform is looking to hire a team of 10 people from different regions across the UK to be it's ‘Christmas Centre Critics’, visiting garden centres in a £50 per hour job role.

The critics' feedback will be used to create a map of the UK’s best Christmas garden centres; members of the public can also nominate their favourite centres to be included in the national ranking.

Successful candidates will be paid £50 per hour each to visit and review garden centres in their local area. is hiring for the role after a survey of more than 2,000 Brits revealed that visiting a garden centre is a popular Christmas tradition, with two thirds stating they visit one every year during the festive period.

Additionally, three in 10 households buy their tree from their local garden centre, and almost half buy decorations from it.

The Critic’s feedback will be used to help determine the UK’s ultimate Christmas garden centre.

The team of 10 will be asked to rank the garden centres out of 10 across a number of categories, including the quality of Christmas displays and decorations, festive food and drink and accessibility.

Applicants will need to be available to visit up to 10 garden centres from the December 13 until Christmas Eve.

The role is open to any member of the public, as long as they are over the age of 18 years old, have a full UK driving license, a passion for gardening and love of Christmas.

Applications for the ‘Christmas Centre Critic’ can be submitted here before December 6:

Members of the public can also nominate their local centre to be included in the national ranking on the same page. WhatShed will review all entries to ensure they meet the Christmas criteria before they appear on the map.

The successful candidate must be available to attend a different garden centre in their region at least twice a week, making the role perfect for students, retirees, those out of work or currently on leave from a full-time position.

The job offer states that the selected candidates will have their travel expenses covered, however accommodation will not be covered if they decide to stay in certain locations. The critic’s will only be paid to spend two hours at each garden centre.

Applications close on the December 6, and will be contacting successful candidates before December 9 in order to begin their research on the December 13.

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