Five tips for turning your shed into a home office

Home working Brits have been told to head out to the garden to create the perfect remote working space – an office in their shed.Experts from have revealed these five top tips in order to create the perfect home office in your back garden.

1. Requirements

Consider what furniture, storage and accessories you will want to make the space productive.Different jobs require different tools, so ensure there’s enough space to have everything you need.

2. Conditions

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You should assess the conditions of the shed and ensure it’s watertight – especially if you’re planning to be working with electronics.Check for any tears in the roof felt, test the doors and windows to see that they are working properly and look for any signs of mould, damp, leaks or wood rot.These will need to be dealt with before you can progress to converting your shed into an office.

3. Decoration

You can personalise and paint the space so it doesn’t feel like you’re working in a shed.Add personal touches, comfort and organisation to help keep the space manageable and tidy.

4. Storage

Knowing where everything is means that you’ll be able to be much more productive and will give you piece of mind.Depending on how much storage space you need and how big your shed is, there are ways you can minimise clutter and maximise work production.If you have a taller shed opt for an open shelving unit, if you have a lot of things to keep close buy clear, storage containers can be stacked together means that you can see where everything is without having items lying about.

5. Amenities

If your office shed is likely to be a long term change you can look at getting things such as electricity and water hooked up.Until then battery operated lamps are a great option, and a walk across the garden to the kitchen will help improve productivity and give your brain a rest from the screen.