'˜Disturbing' Poundland Easter advert featuring bunny being branded divides Twitter

An Easter advert featuring a bunny being branded by a chick went viral after it ignited a heated row on Twitter.

The picture, uploaded by high street retailer Poundland, was intended to advertise the store's Easter offerings.

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In the image, a bunny can be seen bending over having just been branded with a large "X", along with the caption: "I’ve got a way to make you hot and cross, Bunny."

Twitter users soon voiced outrage over the image - with some labelling it "disturbing".

'Dumb humour'

Anne Bryceland said: "No that's just nasty."

While another user tweeted: "I'm sure a child would find it funny. It's rather dumb humour I think. A bit disturbing really."

"Obviously it’s done to provoke a reaction but..." Darren Monks said.

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I’ve got a way to make you hot and cross, Bunny. pic.twitter.com/qxVHRlRhun

— Poundland (@Poundland) March 25, 2018

"Is this really appropriate?" another commented.

Poundland has previously landed itself in hot water over a racy 'Elf Behaving Badly' Christmas advert.

The controversial campaign was banned but helped drive record-breaking sales of £59 million according to the retailer.

'Keep it up Poundland'

Some on Twitter were keen to applaud the store over their bold advertising strategy - with customers saying "don't ever change".

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Brian Whelton said: "It's good to see a company that still has a sense of humour and is prepared to use it! Keep it up Poundland!"

While Lisa tweeted: "Your tweets are a highlight of the holidays now."

"And they're back. @Poundland don't ever change." Jack Wade added.

Clare Fenemer said: "I shouldn't but I did laugh at this. One naughty duck."

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A Poundland spokesperson told i: "Looks to us like people are loving it. We can, however, confirm no chicks or bunnies were harmed in the making of our posts."

This piece originally appeared on our sister title's site, iNews

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