Disney+ is coming to the UK next month - this is how much it will cost

Disney's new online steaming service is launching in the UK on 24 March, a week earlier than planned.

Re-branding from its former "DisneyLife" title, Disney+ will incorporate all original Disney movies and shows, as well as material from acquired brands such as FOX, National Geographic, Marvel, and Star Wars.

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How much will Disney+ cost in the UK?

Disney+ will cost £5.99 a month or £59.99 for a whole year subscription.

How does it compare to Netflix?

Much like Netflix, Disney+ will allow up to four people to watch simultaneously on the same account. The service is the same price as Netflix's cheapest plan and will provide HD and 4K material, something that Netflix does not offer for the same price.

Apple TV and BritBox are priced at roughly the same as Disney+, Amazon Prime, which includes its streaming service as part of its Prime delivery membership, costs £7.99 monthly, and the most expensive service is Now TV at £8.99 per month.

However, Netflix is the dominant force in the on-demand world having carved out its market in Netflix Originals; as well as movies, television series, documentaries, kids entertainment, and giving birth to "binge watching".

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Actor Robert Downey Jr. poses by a life-size Iron Man model (Photo: Getty)

Perhaps Disney+ has an opportunity to rival the streaming giant.

What about Marvel?

Disney acquired Marvel back in 2009 and many movies and TV series are found throughout the various streaming platforms, with Netflix promoting popular Marvel shows such as Jessica Jones, as well as older Disney movies.

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Many Disney titles have already left the platform, such as the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and Star Wars.

Several of Netflix's Marvel productions have been cancelled in the last few years lending to rumours that Disney+ will take over the future of the franchise.

Disney has announced future Marvel series to be solely aired on its new steaming service meaning those who want to understand future Marvel movies will need a Disney+ subscription.

The long-awaited streaming service will launch in Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, and Switzerland on the same day as the UK, with the rest of Europe to be provided by later in the year.