Bedroom secrets of the Instagram generation

People’s private bedrooms have become very public during lockdown as they update their personal space and load the results onto social networking sites.

More than 10.7 million #bedroom and 3 million #bedroomdecor hashtags have appeared on Instagram.

Soak&Sleep, the online bedding and bathware retailer, has analysed thousands of Instagram images to find what features most regularly in the most popular bedroom shots.

Slip between sheets

Topping the list as the most popular feature is the humble white bedsheet. In fact, more than half (54%) of the featured beds were fitted with crisp white bed linen, helping give rooms a light-filled, spacious and open feel. By opting for a timeless colour scheme, you can rest easy knowing your sheets will never go out of date!

Room with a view

The second most popular feature was windows. It might then come as no surprise that windows ranked as the second most popular feature. Just under half (46%) of the bedrooms pictured had plenty of natural light helping to lift the mood while giving your body a much-needed boost of vitamin D. To get the most out of your bedroom’s natural light, keep windows unblocked by furniture, accessories or overly heavy curtains. gold finishes also making it into the top 30.

Bigger the better

They say that size doesn’t matter but when it comes to beds, it certainly does. A significant amount (43%) of the most loved Instagram bedrooms are furnished with a double size mattress or larger. With a larger bed, there’s more room to stretch out and have a good amount of duvet cover, which means less chance of disturbing a sleeping person next to you (or have them disturb you!) throughout the night.

Plump for cushions

Adding small decorative cushions to your bedroom can make a big impact. More than 41% of bedrooms on Instagram featured pillows of all varieties, large and small, bright and neutral.

Wood beneath feet

According to Instagram, wooden floors are our most loved flooring with 41% of bedrooms donning those timeless rustic features.

(Photo courtesy of Soak&Sleep).

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