Any UK parcel sent to the EU must have a customs declaration form from 1 January

Any parcel posted from the UK to the European Union (EU) must come with a completed customs declaration form from 1 January 2021, according to new post-Brexit Post Office procedure.

Those sending packages from England, Scotland or Wales to any EU country must now attach a customs declaration, otherwise the parcel will not be sent.

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People posting from Northern Ireland to somewhere in the EU will not need to attach a customs declaration form, but a form will still be necessary for parcels going to non-EU countries.

Not including letters, postcards and documents

The new rule comes into place because of the UK’s departure from the EU’s single market and customs union.

However, customs forms will not need to be attached to letters, postcards and documents.

Although the rules do not come into effect until 1 January, the Post Office has anyone sending a parcel from Tuesday 29 December to include a customs declaration to help avoid delays.

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The Post Office’s retail and franchise network director, Amanda Jones, said, “We know that over the past few weeks, many people will have been preoccupied with thoughts about Christmas and the pandemic.

"Postmasters are on hand to provide practical advice, particularly to small businesses, who regularly send parcels to the EU."

Around 45 per cent of the total international parcel traffic received by the post office in the UK goes to EU destinations.