(WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 17) IN this day of recycle, recycle, recycle, wouldn't you think that the local council would be grateful if large quantities of glass were put in recycling bins but, it appears, not Aylesbury Vale District Council.

Like many pubs and clubs in the Aylesbury area, the Aylesbury Divisional Conservative Club uses a lot of glass bottles and would like to recycle. Breweries no longer take back empty bottles; so they were being thrown away along with cigarette ends, empty crisp packets etc.

We have contacted Aylesbury Vale District Council on many occasions asking for a glass recycle bin but were told this would not be possible. We therefore took it upon ourselves and volunteers have been taking the bottles to a local recycling depot.

We also contacted four local recycling companies all of whom said they were not interested in our glass bottles. They also said we were breaking the law by putting our 'business' recycling into domestic recycling bins. This is just ludicrous. It would seem therefore that the majority of hostelries just throw their glass in rubbish bins, unless of course, they are breaking the law also.

On our behalf could you please find out how and where we can recycle our bottles?

Our colours are blue but we are trying to be as green as we can.


Secretary, Aylesbury Divisional Conservative Club