'˜Young and old will benefit from Bucks County Council commercialisation'

County HallCounty Hall
County Hall
Vulnerable children and the elderly will be among those to benefit from the council's plans to actively generate more income from some services, a cabinet meeting was told this week.

Bucks County Council says raising money is now crucial after the challenges caused by the government’s recent 
decision to completely withdraw its grant to the authority.

Leader Martin Tett and his cabinet stressed that this strategy does not include 
trying to make a profit on the key services the Council is legally obliged to provide.

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Instead, they say the extra income will come from other optional work the council performs – and will then be used to support key services, including those provided for the vulnerable.

Cabinet member, and Buckingham county councillor Warren Whyte said it was vital the public understood what the council was doing in charging for extended optional services to enhance other key services.

He told the meeting: “I wouldn’t want residents to think that this council wants to charge for everything because it can. It charges for certain things because they are optional or discretionary services to support the statutory services that we must deliver.”