You cannot be serious! Tennis court paint job sparks school row

Headteacher Darren Lyon and Rebecca Willison, head of girls PE and games
Headteacher Darren Lyon and Rebecca Willison, head of girls PE and games

A row over tennis court marking has led to a headteacher claiming his school feels victimised by other users of its site.

Winslow Tennis Club members say they were shocked to find that markings for netball had been painted over one of their courts, at the request of Sir Thomas Fremantle School.

The new markings were discovered only when the club arrived to play last week, and members say that they were not told about the changes by either the school or Bucks County Council.

In a letter of complaint to councillors, Vron Corben of the tennis club, said: “Can you explain how anyone, regardless of the rights and wrongs of the situation can behave so badly to a local club which has 150 members and has been in existence for 15 years, playing on these courts?

“Would not human decency alone mean that some form of communication would have been made to the club in advance of this happening?”

However,headteacher Darren Lyon said that the court’s tennis marking still remain and that the facility can now be used for both sports.

He also said that it was the responsibility of the council who approved the plan to inform the tennis club.

He said the row was the latest in a series of criticisms by other groups which use the same facilities as the Fremantle.

“We feel massively victimised by the other groups.

“I have 280 children who are enjoying a great standard of education as evidenced by Ofsted. We have a national standard netball team that didn’t have a netball court. The school just being here had effectively given the other groups the Winslow Centre for an extra two to three years.”