Yellow lines could put a stop to problems blighting busy town road

Councillor Andy Huxley (far right), with Peter Vaughan and fellow Buckingham Road residents by the affected bus stop
Councillor Andy Huxley (far right), with Peter Vaughan and fellow Buckingham Road residents by the affected bus stop

A councillor who is seeking to put a stop to problems which are blighting the appearance of an Aylesbury road says he is hoping to get double yellow lines installed.

UKIP councillor Andy Huxley, who represents the Quarrendon ward was contacted by Buckingham Road resident Peter Vaughan about damage to grass verges and cars parking in one of the bus stops along the street.

Mr Huxley said: “Until I came to look at the problems for myself I hadn’t realised how bad they were.

“A lot of places around town have similar issues and a lot of it is caused by people who are lazy and they either can’t be bothered to walk or don’t care about their surroundings.”

Mr Vaughan said: “The destruction of grass verges by inconsiderate drivers makes some of the area now look like a slum.

“There is also the problem of buses not being able to drop people off in the bus-stop because cars are parked there.

“As a result the buses are having to drop people off on the main road and I know from speaking to the drivers they are not happy about the situation because it is dangerous.”

Mr Huxley said he had been liaising with Transport for Bucks and added that ‘the situation is that the lay-by can be lined.

“Double yellow lines will stop people parking in the lay-by for buses and stop people driving over grass verges.

“There is an Aylesbury Vale District Council bye-law dating back to 1957 which was designed to stop people parking on grass verges but unfortunately this is no longer enforceable now.

“The good news is that if lines go down they are enforceable and cover both the verge and the road.

“This means we don’t need to get a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) in.

“We now need to look at how to fund these lines and I am looking at whether we can get money through the Local Area Forum (LAF).

“I know this is an issue which concerns local people greatly and some of them are worried this could affect them even down to the value of their properties.

“I am hoping we will be able to put these lines in quickly in the next few months.”

Transport for Bucks spokesman Dan Elworthy said: “We are currently working with a local councillor to find a suitable solution for the parking issues at this location.”