Woman injured in firework horror


A school firework display ended in horror when a rocket shot sideways in the crowd and exploded in a woman’s face.

Smiles turned to screams as the firework continued exploding three times, sending children and parents running for cover.

The victim suffered burns down one side of the face and on her ear. She was given on the spot treatment by paramedics then taken to hospital.

“It was like the worst nightmare,” said one witness. “One minute we were all enjoying watching a lovely firework display and the next minute there was mass panic.

“The crowd was full of children and the firework just kept on exploding. It’s a miracle none of them was hurt.”

The victim, who is a parent, went into shock after the incident and was taken into the pavilion building to await an ambulance.

Another witness said: “She was covered in black from the explosive powder so it was hard to see the extent of the injury at first. But when we cleaned it off we could see it was a nasty burn.”

The Saturday evening display at Drayton Parslow Cricket Pavilion was organised by the Friends of Three Schools group, which raises fund for Drayton Parslow, Swanbourne and Mursley schools.

Drayton Parslow headteacher Carol-Anne McCollum described the incident as “an unfortunate accident”.

She said: It was an incredibly well organised event but one firework misfired and went towards the crowd 45 metres away.”

Ms McCollum said the victim was discharged from hospital the same night and is currently recuperating at home.

The annual firework display has been a popular feature of the village for around 35 years.