WITH VIDEO: Can you help Aylesbury singing sensation Jade become a Megastar?

Singer Jade PraiZe from Aylesbury needs your votes to win the inaugural Megastar competition
Singer Jade PraiZe from Aylesbury needs your votes to win the inaugural Megastar competition

A singer from Aylesbury needs your votes - as part of her quest to win a new global online music competition.

Jade PraiZe entered the Megastar competition after learning about it while playing over in the United States.

She said: “I was invited by a producer to play in Los Angeles because he believed in my music.

“While I was there I heard about this competition in a record shop and people told me I should enter.

“I wouldn’t normally enter something like this but I decided to have a go to see if it would boost my social media following.”

Thousands of budding singers from all over the world entered the competition, and Jade was amazed to find she had reach the top 50.

The overall winner gets a million dollars and the chance to meet Usher and sing on TV in America, while the rest of the top five also having the chance to travel Stateside.

Jade, who lives in Weston Turville, is currently in 8th place with just a few days left to vote and she is the only remaining UK representative in the competition.

Jade came to singing relatively late as she worked as an eyebrow tattooist until she started singing a few years ago.

She said: “I come from a very musical family - we had pianists and even a poet in my family and my aunt was a jazz singer.

“The inspirations for my songs can be anything - something I see in real life or even watching something on TV.

“One of my songs Lonesome George came about because I was watching a David Attenborough programme on National Geographic about a tortoise called George whose breed was threatened with extinction.”

Followers of the Aylesbury music scene may well have seen Jade at an open mic event in the town or at either the Thame Music Festival, Aston Clinton Music Festival or Waddesdon Manor chilli festival, where she has performed in the last year.

Jade has spent the past few days out and about in the town centre armed with her guitar introducing herself to shoppers and trying to canvas votes ahead of the deadline.

She said: “When I have approached people at first they think I’m trying to sell them something!

“When I tell people what I’m doing they are interested and then I play them a tune and some people take a video as well which is lovely.

“It would be a dream to get in the top five and to really achieve something.”

To vote you first need to download the free Megastar app.

Once in the app search JADE PRAIZE - to vote for Jade you then follow her and click vote.

Once you have registered you get one vote every 24 hours and you have until 9pm in the evening to cast that vote before it expires.

To find out more about the competition and to download the app so you can vote for Jade visit https://megastarapp.com/