WI members meet for last time after 91 years

Bierton and Hulcott WI closesBierton and Hulcott WI closes
Bierton and Hulcott WI closes
After 91 years of meetings the Bierton and Hulcott Women's Institute has closed.

With only 14 members remaining, and unable to form a committee, the Buckinghamshire Federation had no option but to put a vote of closure to the final meeting. The members are pictured displaying their banner which will be kept by the federation along with the institute’s funds and other possessions, in case it can be reformed in the next three years. If this happens, all the money and items in store can be returned.

Secretary of the institute when it closed, Brenda Ponton, said: “It was a very sad day for the friendly group, with some of those present ending over 50 years of membership. Other small village institutes are suffering similar fates as there are so many more competing attractions, and daytime meetings are not convenient for younger women who are at work.

“Perhaps there will be a renewal of interest and the institute can start again, possibly at a different time of the day, and attract a new generation of members.”