Why vote for me: UKIP’s Chris Adams

Chris Adams
Chris Adams

Where will you find your MP when you need them most? I will be on your side not on the fence.

Aylesbury has been taken for granted as a Tory ‘safe seat’ for far too long. Now there is a very real chance of change with a great response to our fully costed and verified manifesto.

As your MP I will:

n ANSWER TO YOU, NOT PARTY WHIPS. UKIP has no “whipping” system. I am there only to represent your views, not to sit on the fence to further my own career.

n BE AGAINST HS2 in whatever form. The business case does not stack up. Calls for mitigation by others who have given up only add cost making the business case worse.

n SUPPORT A POINTS BASED IMMIGRATION SYSTEM. I believe immigration is good for our country. However, it is right to address some of the negative effects of large scale uncontrolled immigration.

n STOP OVER DEVELOPMENT. The Tories say the green belt needs protecting but they don’t do it in practice. We will set up a Brownfield Commission to build 200,000 homes per year without destroying the countryside.

n REDUCE THE DEFICIT QUICKER by supporting leaving the EU, scrapping HS2 and ensuring Foreign Aid is genuinely used on disaster relief.

Politics is changing. By returning a UKIP MP you can deliver the above with no chance of ‘Letting Labour in’ and ensure that common sense is well represented.

Together, on May 7 we can Make History Happen.