Why vote for me: Liberal Democrat’s Steven Lambert

Steven Lambert
Steven Lambert

Having the Liberal Democrats in Government means everyone in Aylesbury knows someone who has benefited.

We raised the tax threshold to £10,600 – when David Cameron said it couldn’t be done.

Pensions have increased because of the Lib Dem Triple Lock. Local schools have received £7m in Pupil Premium and children under seven years old get a free school meal. Visit www.whatthehellhavethelibdemsdone.com for more information.

Labour crashed the economy; meddled with our civil rights, took us to war in Iraq, lumbered the NHS with unaffordable PFI contracts, and introduced tuition fees and top up fees when they said they wouldn’t. Locally, 80 years of Tory MPs has also done us a disservice. So we need a change.

On HS2, I’ve consistently campaigned and voted against it at every chance. I worked with National Trust and others on detailed mitigation and submitted appeals to Parliament.

This is a record that no other candidate at this election can match – not even our MP or UKIP.

On tuition fees, the facts stand for themselves. Lib Dems didn’t win a majority; we had to negotiate with the Tories. There are no upfront fees and you pay nothing until you earn more than £21,000 – it’s also fairer on women and part-time students.

Just visit www.moneysavingexpert.com to debunk the myths.

Having the Liberal Democrats in Government and locally running our councils means we can and will deliver a stronger economy and fairer Aylesbury. Use your vote to make a real difference.