Why vote for me: Labour’s Will Cass

Will Cass
Will Cass

Why should people vote for me? Because I’m a fresh voice and, unlike the other re-cycled candidates, not from the local political elite.

I left school at 16.

I worked as a barman and as a builder.

I fully understand the anxieties and uncertainties of low paid work.

That’s why I will end abusive zero hour contracts and substantially increase the national minimum wage. An economy succeeds when working people feel motivated to do better.

Because Labour invested in schools and teachers, I was given a second chance at education. Now, I work as a Business Development Manager in a high-tech industry. Because of that experience, I will protect education standards, ensuring that all teachers in state schools are qualified and that local schools are for local children.

No one is fit and healthy all the time. The NHS is one of the finest achievements of our country. It should be for people not profit. I will reverse its privatization and increase the number of doctors and nurses.

I have strong roots in this constituency.

My mother, originally from Brazil, is proof that immigration can and does benefit Britain. Through hard work, she built her own company. She is extremely patriotic and proud of Britain.

Like her, I believe we must control our borders and stop illegal immigration.

Why should people vote for me?

Because the Coalition has failed working people. Because a vote for Labour would be a vote for a fresh, re-vitalized voice in Westminster. Let’s make history.