Why vote for me: Green’s David Lyons

David Lyons
David Lyons

I am standing for the Green Party as I believe that in these times of uncertainty it is the only party that provides realistic solutions to the problems facing us.

The three establishment parties have demonstrated that they do not understand the immediacy of climate change and other environmental threats, nor do they understand the social and economic crises that are unfolding.

If they did they would not be planning new airports, fracking or the HS2 rail link nor grinding the poor deeper into austerity and pandering to corporate greed.

I am asking people in the Aylesbury constituency to elect me as their first Green MP to address these issues and work in government to provide employment, homes and the opportunity to thrive.

You may be aware that MPs recently voted to give themselves an 11% pay rise in May, many claiming that they struggle to survive on a basic salary of £67,000 plus generous expenses (and subsidised bars); this is more than twice average salaries in Aylesbury!

If I am elected as the MP for Aylesbury and MPs are awarded the 11% increase they are expecting in May, I will give every penny of this 11% rise to local charities.

I challenge the other candidates to do the same.

If you think it is time for real change rather than more of the same, vote Green on May 7th.