Why vote for me: Conservatives’ David Lidington

David Lidington
David Lidington

Our standard of living and ability to fund public services depends on the success of our economy. I’ll continue to beat the drum for more businesses to locate to Aylesbury.

And I’ll support policies nationally and locally to cut taxes and regulations on business to encourage employers to provide more and better jobs.

As someone who uses our local NHS, I welcome the fact that our local hospitals have more nurses and do more operations now than five years ago.

As medical science advances, we’ll need to spend more (that’s why a successful economy is so vital) and get the maximum value from every £ spent.

Locally, we need improvements in end-of-life-care and better partnership between the NHS and social services.

In education, I strongly support the drive to build a first-class system of technical education and apprenticeships as well as academic excellence.

I’ll continue to fight the corner for local people over HS2. Having sent in a detailed petition against the project to the HS2 Committee, I’m looking forward to giving evidence to them.

Too many young people tell me they’re in good jobs but can’t afford a home. We need new housing, but done in ways that protect our finest landscapes and the identity of village communities.

That means planning infrastructure, jobs and services alongside new homes.

Finally, I’ll do all I can to support the quiet work that goes on in Aylesbury to strengthen integration between people of different faiths and ethnic origins.