“Who could stoop so low?”: Heartless thieves steal and damage collection tin for Esme, before dumping it in garden

Esme Davison-Hoult with her dad Anthony
Esme Davison-Hoult with her dad Anthony

A collection box left for donations to help a young girl with Rett’s syndrome has been stolen.

The tin for the charity Esme’s Allstars, set up to help Esme Davison-Hoult, seven, who has the rare condition was taken from McCoy’s fish and chip shop in Bedgrove.

A collection tin for Esme's Allstars was stolen and damaged

A collection tin for Esme's Allstars was stolen and damaged

Her dad Anthony says he cannot believe somebody would stoop so low.

He said: “After the box was taken from the shop it was found by a lady in her front garden in Turnfurlong.

“The box had been sliced open and the top had been cut off.

“The main purpose of the box is to raise awareness of the syndrome.

“There was probably only about £20 or £30 in there so hopefully the person who stole it needed it that badly.”

The tin at McCoy’s was one of six located around the Vale.

They were purchased as a group for about £50 although by the time the promotional material for the charity was designed and printed onto them the cost came to around £1500.

The boxes are the family‘s main way of raising funds due to the cancellation of planned fundraising events.

Anthony said: “We had hoped to have a curry night earlier this year but we couldn’t sell enough tickets.”

The next planned fundraiser is at St Anne’s Hall in Wendover on Saturday May 20 in the form of a quiz night.

Tickets are available now priced at £12 per person.

Esme, who will be turning seven next month, is doing very well at Booker Park School and has been moved up a class because of her impressive progress.

Anthony said: “She is getting on really well with the computer and she is proof that with the right equipment you can do amazing things.”

The family have spent in the region of £65,000 in adapting their home in Wendover to meet Esme’s needs.

Anthony said: “We have a lift so she can get to the bathroom, hoists so she can get in and out the bath and in and out of bed.”

For tickets to the quiz night or for more information about Esme visit www.gofundme.com/Esmesallstars.

The other collection boxes are located at McCoys in Wendover, Halton Post Office, Premier Shops in Princes Mary Gate, Wendover, Whitewaters in Wendover and Cross Cuts in Wendover High Street.