Wendover teen releases debut single while revising for A-levels

Hollie Thubron
Hollie Thubron

A talented singer-songwriter from Wendover has released her debut single – while revising for her A-levels.

Hollie Thubron, 17, has written songs since she was seven and always dreamed of becoming an artist.

Her debut single, Fred, released by D/A Music last week, is about an inspiring person who came into her life, and contains a sprightly melody carried by Hollie’s sweet vocals.

After giving up her other passion as a showjumper, Hollie focussed on writing songs and teaching herself guitar.

“I emailed every possible person inthe music industry,” she said.

“Out of 100, one would reply. I got offered an audition and they agreed to me recording a single and it’s been a journey since then. The recording process started two years ago – because I’m at school it’s difficult to get into the studio.”

Hollie, who counts Passenger, Ed Sheeran and Imagine Dragons as her biggest influences, attends Dr Challoner’s School in Little Chalfont.

She is studying Latin, maths and religious studies and took her first A/S exam this week, just days after Fred was released.

She said: “I am very OCD about time, I manage everything so making time for everything has not been too bad.”

She said she is keeping a level head and plans to go to university once her A-levels are complete.

“The music industry is really hard to get into and stay in and make a living from. I’m very realistic. I’m pursuing a regular job but I would definitely leave it all in a heart beat to pursue a music career.”

She added that her schoolfriends have been very supportive, but are finding it all ‘really strange as well’.

“It’s been really amazing having a single and being an artist – before I just sung in a room.”

Fred is available on iTunes.