Well Bill Grundy didn't like Aylesbury very much when he visited in the town in 1972!

Bill Grundy in the Kings Head pubBill Grundy in the Kings Head pub
Bill Grundy in the Kings Head pub
TV presenter Bill Grundy had some harsh words for Aylesbury when he visited in 1972.

The then-familiar face, who famously near-wrecked his career when he goaded punk rockers the Sex Pistols into swearing on live TV - visited Aylesbury to comment on its development.

In the British Pathe footage, which makes for fascinating viewing for anyone who remembers life in the Vale in the 1970s - Grundy is clearly unimpressed with how the old and the new had been combined within Aylesbury.

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In the opening scenes he is shown walking through St Mary's churchyard - with a voiceover from Grundy saying: "Clearly in matters of development Aylesbury has a lot to teach other towns - but clearly some of what it has to teach is how not to do it."

Grundy then opens the short programme properly from a seat in the Kings Head pub. We won't ruin the rest of the footage for you - but we are sure you will enjoy what he has to say!

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