Mostly dry this week as Storm Malik stays out of range - weather column by Ashley Nelis

For the past month, there has been relatively benign weather across the UK, lots of dry and settled conditions with light winds.

By David Philip
Wednesday, 2nd February 2022, 10:19 am
Residents fill bags with sand to protect their homes as Storm Malik hits Scotland.
Residents fill bags with sand to protect their homes as Storm Malik hits Scotland.

However, this past week has seen a shift in the weather patterns with two named storms crossing the UK and causing widespread disruption in Scotland and parts of northern England.

The first storm was named Storm Malik by the Dutch Meteorological Institute and crossed the UK on Saturday morning bringing severe gales to parts of Scotland and north-east England. The strongest gust recorded was 147mph across the Cairngorm summit between 5am and 6am. Parts of eastern Scotland and coastal parts of north-east England saw gusts of 70-80mph. This caused quite a bit of disruption, particularly to the rail network due to fallen trees and thousands of homes were left without power.

The second named storm was Storm Corrie that passed across the UK later on Sunday and into the early hours of Monday. This storm once again brought 70-80mph winds in Scotland, with 91mph recorded on the east coast. Northern England also saw gusts widely reaching 50-60mph.

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Across the Aylesbury Vale, thankfully the effects of the storms were minimal, although it was noticeably windier on Sunday night and Monday morning, with gusts reaching up to 40mph. There was also rain associated with this storm, heaviest across Scotland, some of which fell as snow over the mountains.

Looking ahead to the weather we can expect in the coming week, there will be rain overnight on Thursday, but otherwise staying mostly dry with sunny spells. Turning chilly for a time on Friday, but temperatures are expected to return to around or just above average over the weekend.