Further spells of rain and maybe frost forecast this week in Aylesbury Vale

From warmer-than-average temperatures to torrential rain and even snow, forecaster Nicholas Lee looks back at the autumn's weather in Aylesbury Vale

By Hannah Richardson
Monday, 6th December 2021, 11:13 am
Updated Monday, 6th December 2021, 11:14 am

With Christmas decorations up and the nights well and truly drawn in, autumn is out of the way for another year.

But how did the season shape up overall?

ForbAylesbury Vale, it was the warmest autumn since 2014, and was also drier than average.

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Chilly and unsettled conditions look set to continue over the coming days

However, this hides some of the variability we saw through the autumn months.

Much like the autumn as a whole, September was warmer than average.

This was in part fuelled by a late blast of heat to extend the summer just as schools went back during the first week of the month.

Temperatures widely reached the high 20s Celsius for several days, with 30C being recorded in places.

October, too, was warmer than average, but without the impressive warmth seen through September.

More of note were the unsettled conditions we saw during the second half of the month.

Around half the rainfall in Aylesbury Vale fell in just two days over October 20 and 21, with more than 50mm being recorded.

September 30 also saw a potent squall line cross the country, bringing damaging wind gusts to some locations.

After the soakings in October, November saw an unusually prolonged dry spell with little weather to note.

The benign conditions came to an abrupt end during the final days, as Storm Arwen brought strong winds, heavy rain and even some snow to our area.

With winter now well under way, what can we expect in the Aylesbury Vale?

Well, the chilly and unsettled conditions look set to continue over the coming days with further spells of rain at times, and perhaps the odd frost too.

There is little chance of snow in the next week, however.