Dry for the rest of the week but things go downhill from Sunday - Weather column by Ashley Nelis

We can sum up the January weather in Aylesbury as uneventful, especially compared with other parts of the UK.

By David Philip
Tuesday, 8th February 2022, 2:55 pm
It’s likely to remain dry for the rest of the week, but rain could set in on Sunday.
It’s likely to remain dry for the rest of the week, but rain could set in on Sunday.

Temperatures were pretty close to the seasonal average. However, we only saw around 25mm of rain in total during January, representing about 30% of the expected average. It was sunny too, with sunshine amounts around 140% of normal.

The first week of January was unsettled across the Vale and we did see bands of rain, each giving 4mm–5mm during their passage. Following the exceptionally mild New Year’s Day, it did become colder, with some frost by the 5th and 6th, with temperatures dropping as low as -4C.

The second week began unsettled with showers but high pressure built in across the country during the 12th to 16th, with a lot of dry, sunny weather, but also with frost and fog at night.

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The third week saw dry weather prevail but, with winds often from a northerly quarter, it was rather cold with night-time frost. This weather continued into the fourth week and, on the 25th, we struggled to reach more than a couple of degrees above freezing during the daytime.

During the final few days, powerful storms Malik and Corrie battered Scotland and northern parts of England, but we escaped the worst here in Aylesbury, with wet and windy weather not out of the ordinary.

We’re going to end this week on a settled note, with high pressure leading to dry conditions with some sunshine, but also night-time frost. It may well go downhill as rain sets in during Sunday, and next week is looking very changeable.