Dry, bright but chilly weather lies ahead for the weekend in the Aylesbury area - column by Alice Fowle, forecaster at MetDesk

February 2022 has drawn to a close and with high pressure dominating last weekend bringing plenty of sunshine, it has started to feel a little spring-like (albeit a little chilly as well).

By David Philip
Tuesday, 1st March 2022, 12:32 pm
Temperatures are expected to be below average but a high pressure system approaches.
Temperatures are expected to be below average but a high pressure system approaches.

However, this was not typical of February as a whole as much of February was very windy and wet.

February was very different weather-wise to January. The predominant set-up during January was high pressure, which meant lots of dry weather with plenty of sunshine during the day followed by chilly nights. In contrast February saw a more Atlantic low pressure regime that brought frequent blustery westerly winds, milder temperatures and higher rainfall totals.

Most notable were the three named storms that crossed the UK in one week. These storms, particularly Storm Eunice, brought unusual and damaging gusts of around 60–70mph to the Aylesbury region.

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Rainfall totals varied greatly too between the two months, with rainfall totals during January 40% lower than the climatological average, whereas February rainfall was 20% higher than normal across The Vale.

Some northern parts of the country saw up to 250% of their normal rainfall totals in February, which caused significant flooding across places such as Yorkshire.

Additionally, during January there were at least 14 frosty mornings across the region, which compares to only one in February, showing how much milder February was compared to January.

So what does the weather hold going into early March and the start of meteorological spring? For the remainder of this week, temperatures will be slightly below average, with most days barely seeing temperatures in double figures. High pressure is expected to build towards this weekend leading to some dry and bright, but chilly weather once again.